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This page is about driving in and around Guildford. Giving you an insight to a few of the things that can be helpful to you if you don't know the area too well.

During the week but including Saturday you cannot use the bus lane by Spectrum in Parkway, between 7am and 7pm.

The bus lane along the Woking Road coming into Guildford is one you can use and are expected to use between the hours of 10am and 4pm. To get the information on use of bus lanes see the blue plates that run alongside the bus lane. 

Coming from Woodbridge Road towards Ladymead when turning right at the traffic lights it's best if you approach in the middle lane by by the kitchen showroom then after you have joined Ladymead you do not have to worry about getting back into your normal driving position, the left lane, as you are already there.

If you turn from Epsom Road into Jenner Road at the T junction at the top the lanes split into 2. If you keep left it doesn't have a give way line but I suggest you drop into 1st gear and look both ways just incase plus it's quite a tight turn. If turning right at the top there are give way markings and again I suggest you drop into first and look both ways and this turn can be a bit difficult as there are usually lots of parked cars blocking the vision as you turn out.

If driving towards the Woking Road from the Guildford College it's best to keep next to the centre white line then just before the traffic lights you can filter into the middle lane. Once you have gone through the lights keep in the right hand lane unless going on to the A3. As you approach the roundabout be aware people may try and cut you up from the middle lane, so do lots of safety checks to your left. The other thing that happens here, if you're a bit slow people will come from your left and drive round you and pull in front of you just before the aware here.

Going from Sainsbury's on Clay Lane towards the roundabout to London Road, Guildford Town Centre, ideally be in the right hand lane on approach then after you have entered the roundabout check left and move back into your normal driving position left. Be aware some traffic will approach in the left hand lane here, they are the ones you need to be aware of.

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